I’m back! (plus, what’s up next)

WOW. According to WordPress, it’s been almost 3 years since I last blogged – oops! A large part of that was being busy with full-time work and full-time graduate school, but I also didn’t know how much I could say while being an employee of a large public university.

Since my last post, it feels like both a lot and a little has occurred. Day-to-day, everything seems a bit mundane looking back, but soon enough I’ll be wistfully thinking of the good old days, looking through rose-colored glasses. Looking at the big picture, I learned a lot in my first “big girl” job in a study abroad office, have a higher degree under my belt, and am now embarking on the next big chapter in my life: teaching English in South Korea!

epik busan

Anyone who knows me personally and those who read all my posts from 2012 might recall: I applied to teach in Spain in 2012 after studying abroad in Barcelona, but ultimately turned down the opportunity, not knowing if teaching was a good step for me (especially as late intake – all the paperwork with a shorter turnaround time and less time abroad). I applied to the same program for a second time and was accepted/placed in 2014, but had to turn down the position again for professional reasons. They say the third time’s the charm, and even though I’m going to a different country, the plan is sticking this time.

In only 11 days, I’ll be at the airport waiting to take my red-eye flight. Final destination: Busan, South Korea where I will be teaching English through EPIK for the next year (or more). I’ve got my visa in hand, one-way plane ticket booked, but nothing else really completed. Another oops. In typical “me” fashion, I procrastinate until the last minute. You’d think that with such a big life change ahead, I would use my Type A personality more to prepare instead of doing less important things (like cleaning up this blog – I felt so much embarrassment while skimming over old posts that I had no experience writing).

The plan is to keep this site updated with useful resource posts for anyone applying to EPIK. I like to advise and guide others, demonstrated by my obsessive jumping-in on the EPIK Facebook group (it’s also a habit I developed during the last 2.5 years working with students), and this will be a great way to help others with more recent information compared to what I could find online.

For more personal blogging, please follow:

That’s all for now!


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