The Daily Essentials

When traveling, it’s important to carry the essentials. This is what I had daily in my trusty crossbody purse to prepare for any minor incidents:


Click for larger image

  1. Tissue pack: in case of runny nose, bloody nose, a spill, no toilet paper, etc.
  2. Pen
  3. Small bottle of hand sanitizer: you never know when you’ll need to clean your hands or if a bathroom will be out of soap
  4. Chapstick
  5. 16oz water bottle: walking makes you thirsty, so it’s important to keep hydrated!
  6. Wallet
  7. Cell phones: both my iPhone and my rental
  8. Keys plus mini Swiss Army Knife
  9. Umbrella: for days when the forecast predicted rain
  10. Compact camera: only if I didn’t want to risk bringing my DSLR

With these items, I felt that I was equipped for any surprise situation. I hope this list helps you to plan out what your daily essentials are!



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